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Mazzarino - Sicily

sicily baroque

Bartoli estate is in a privileged position to enjoy the most beautiful and famous historical art centers
of the south west Sicily and in particular the sicilian baroque of Noto Valley and Ragusa Ibla,

Siracusa with its splendid Ortigia and the Greek Neapolis, the Valley of the Temples and the Turkish Steps
of Agrigento, the mosaics of the Roman Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina,
Morgantina Venus and Caltagirone ceramics.

It is one of the most interesting historical centers of Sicily and preserves places of ancient memory. The territory has seen the occupation of the various peoples, by Sicani to the Greeks, from the Romans to the Arabs and the Normans. The town is a harmonious container signs, readable in art, in language, in the popular and religious traditions that result in numerous events and religious processions

Ibla is the historic heart of Ragusa;

after the earthquake of 1693

It was entirely rebuilt in Baroque style.

The Cathedral of San Giorgio

It is one of the greatest examples
of Baroque religious architecture in the world.

Noto will enchant you

with his monuments and historical buildings,

for the harmony of shapes,

with an urban architecture which appears

almost like a fiction! Not surprisingly
it was defined the “Capital of Baroque".

What it makes the city so unique

and fascinating is the baroque look,

of which the historical center of Modica abound; picturesque lanes and streets

full of old shops,

small houses and rich palaces.

The Baroque, which in Scicli

has some of its best fruits,

it brought to the city the privilege

of being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site along with other towns in Noto Valley.

The Ortigia island is the beautiful historic city. Cicerone called Siracusa "the most beautiful city that the Greeks built in the West";

visit the greek theater,

the Roman Amphitheatre

and the Ear of Dionysius.

Valley of the Temples


The Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO

"World Heritage", it is one of the largest archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, surrounded by a rural landscape

of a unique beauty.

The show is extraordinary, the white

of the rocks, made stronger by sunlight,

it is introduced between the blue sky

and the blue sea: a paradise

also for beach and sun lovers.

Roman Villa del Casale

piazza armerina

Considerable it is the historic center

with 100 churches to visit

and not to be missed near the famous

Roman Villa del Casale

with its unparalleled magnificent mosaics.

Aidone it is home for the Morgantina archaeological site and his Venus,

a piece of inestimable value,

form and beauty.

It is a greek sculpture, from the V century BC.

The historic center present the Baroque beauty. Famous for its pottery industry

at the highest level. True symbol of the city

is the famous Spanish Steps

of Santa Maria del Monte.